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The Promise to Humankind

What a wonderful and fantastic future mankind has in store for it! Never before in human history is there a better time to be alive in! The promise to humankind is that of peace, justice and prosperity that will be available to all people.

The real turning point for humanity was the appearance of a man called Baha'u'llah, in the 19th century. Baha'u'llah, as Bahai's believe is the Messenger of God for the current time. All other Messengers have pointed to the coming of the One unto all will turn. For me, as a Bahai I believe that time has now come. 

The coming of Baha'u'llah has unleashed such spiritual forces that are unstoppable and that will bring about the Most Great Peace as foretold by Baha'u'llah. In the world today we see so many things occurring, from unrest in society to the breakdown of communism, the realization of global awareness and fairness. Old ideas are being thrown away in place of new ideas and we have never seen such advancement in such a short time as this. Not ever in the evolution of humankind. It is nothing short of amazing, but also, how did this come about? Is it this release of spiritual energy that I have spoken about? So powerful that even if you are unaware of it you are being shaped by this unsee-able force? I say yes! 

It is most exciting and it applies a reason to what is happening and it also gives hope to what will occur as well. Hope in that all the injustices that you currently see, will pass away and peace will come. It is a hope that can keep you going and not let you stray from this wonderful path that we are on.

We need to continue this view of oneness of humanity and bring about this collectiveness of thought that is so necessary for a global community life. The oneness of humanity is one of the driving principles of the Bahai Faith. Those principles can be read
here. Justice is one of the powers that can translate into this dawning of the consciousness needed to bring about the changes that we require. 

"At the individual level, justice is that faculty of the human soul that enables each person to distinguish truth from falsehood. In the sight of God, Baha'u'llah avers, Justice is "the best beloved of all things" since it permits each individual to see with his own eyes rather than the eyes of others., to know through his own knowledge rather than the knowledge of his neighbor or his group. It calls for fair-mindedness in one's judgments, for equity in one's treatment of others, and is thus  a constant if demanding companion in the daily occasions of life." Excerpt taken from The Prosperity of Humankind.

So I ask you to comment and leave your thoughts and challenge you to look at justice at your own individual level and to make your own choices and conclusions on what you see and what you can understand. And remember if you don't know the answer it is always ok to ask no matter how silly it may seem. By bringing ideas and concepts to the forefront it opens frank and open discussion and new understanding.

What’s the world with no soul?


Education as a basic right.

Education and learning is something that we all need and all should participate in, no matter what our age, race, color, creed, nationality or religious affiliation. So why is that so many people are not afforded this basic right. A right that that should be given to anyone. Sitting in our comfortable homes and abodes in North America where these rights are generally available to everyone it is easy to put this to the back of your mind. But for some people and that goes for even people in our own continent this is not the case. 

The world is going through many upheavals at the moment and I write from a Bahai perspective as I am a Bahai and I tend to view things with the Bahai Writings in mind. If you are not sure who the Bahai's are, check out this
link or this link.

I am going to address the issue from a Bahai point of view and particularly with regards to the issue of education in Iran for Bahai's. You see in Iran if you are Bahai you are not allowed the rights of higher education that other citizens are. It is unfortunately a fault of the current regime in Iran that its prejudice against the Bahai community has prevented this. It is a sad part that they do not view Bahai's as equal citizens compared to Muslims. Now, the Bahai writings state that we are all equal in the eyes of God. To quote, "ye are all the branches of one tree" Baha'u'llah. There is no difference between us. For whatever reasons they may present, their view is flawed.

In a world of information where we can transmit ideas and thoughts in mere seconds and travel great distances in hours, access to information, knowledge and education is so important. It is with education that humanity will advance and improve far beyond what we can see now. This is the promise of this dispensation.

In Iran, the Bahai community created a grass roots organization called the BIHE or "Bahai Institute for Higher Learning", this network of college level teachers began teaching students in kitchens, living rooms and where ever was possible to supply this education. The courses are now recognized and accepted at universities outside of Iran. However on May 21st 2011 the BIHE came under attack by Iranian authorities and thirty Bahai homes were searched and a dozen of its teachers and administrators were arrested. They are now in prison for nothing more than providing a service of teaching students. 

The website is a great place for information and how you can get involved with the movement and conversation to bring justice to these educators and also I would say to bring awareness to so many other places that may face the same lack of access to education.

The youth and children of today really are our future and educating them and giving them spiritual sustenance is of utmost importance to the advancement of humanity in this wonderful age.I urge you Take Action on the website and sign the petition. It is one way in which we can hopefully effect change. We pray that the situation in Iran will change and that other areas around the world, including our own cities in that we live in will always regard education and the young people as our most valuable assets.

Education Under Fire Trailer (3 min) from Education Under Fire on Vimeo.