What do you want to revolutionize?

A blog post that is inspired by Danielle LaPorte, you can check out her website here. She has a great website with lots of great ideas and content.

So, you would think this would be a long list, right? Well I guess it should be because I am sure you could go on for hours on things to revolutionize but I think I need to pick just one. But what one could be really important and what is important to me and perhaps humanity? How about

Spirituality and the importance of a belief in something other than yourself. The importance of this journey that we are all on. If we could all possibly grasp the idea that at heart we are all spiritual beings and that this life is just a part of the journey,  and boy is there a lot of stuff to see and do. And lots of peoples lives we will touch and maybe affect with our attitudes and actions.

So to revolutionize this, what attitudes do we need to change and what do we need to seek? Here I go again, always asking lots of questions, I guess that is my nature I suppose. But sometimes these things require us to look at ourselves and make our own decisions and our own independent investigations. Independently investigating spirituality or God is the starting point of revolutionizing spirituality. An article on this investigation of truth can be read
here. It will bring such richness to mankind and to the whole world. It is the promise of many religions. So do your own research and make your own opinions, don't take mine or someone else's word for it. You need to do it yourself. That is what is really important. 

If we revolutionize spirituality, what are the benefits to us? Well, it will bring about better consultation among us, social change and advancement for all humanity, as well as for ourselves personally. Wow, now maybe this is where we need to be! 

“Being one, truth cannot be divided, and the differences that appear to exist among the many nations only result from their attachment to prejudice. If only men would search out truth, they would find themselves united.” - 'Abdu'l-Baha.

What are your thoughts?

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