How do you say what you do? (Give your self credit)

Its been a while since I have blogged and I decided to answer the burning question by Danielle LaPorte.

Now I started thinking about this one the other day, and I was also giving it some thought on my walk to my local Starbucks, which is my regular blogging spot and writing place. Don't ask me why I like to write there, you’d think it would be somewhere quiet but it feels good to be here listening to some music and enjoying a coffee.

Back to the question. So thinking about this one, on the surface we are talking about our job, profession, business or what have you. But I wanted to look deeper than that. Maybe thats just the way I am or I am looking for more? Your job/business is what you do, but does it fully define you? At the end of the day it is a means to make money and survive and live. Now yes I know that lots of people are going to say that it is much more than that. But maybe bear with me a bit longer.

Well is it? Is it the be all and end all? Lets look more at our purpose to be here and maybe this is where the answer really lies. We were not put here to work in an office tower or dig ditches, but just maybe we were put here on earth for a purpose. And yes that comes back to this God thing, creator or whatever you may choose to call it. This I think is the key, the work, creating wealth and working is part of serving and it needs to be looked at in that way, it needs to be considered a source of service. Service to mankind and helping to advance a forever advancing civilization. I believe we are here to grow closer to God and to serve mankind. Doing our work is a form of worship and is aiding that cause. Work is worship and a service to humanity.

So here is the statement - "I am here on a journey to serve humankind and to grow ever closer to our Creator and bring value and light to all the people I come in contact, whether through my business or personal dealings. I do this through kindness, sharing, consultation and collaboration."

What do you think, tell me your thoughts.

Bahai's and Worship.
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