Patience, is something that needs to be learnt and practiced. Not always so easy, and sometimes you have to stop yourself and seriously think about it and then reaffirm it and make yourself analyze the situation and then rethink and remind. Some of things I am trying to make myself do more of. I came to the realization that you need to be patient for various things, we cannot have everything right now. It just is not possible nor is it practicable. 

Things will come as they are needed. Sometimes you need that belief that it will come when it is ready and not until then. Maybe I am just not capable or equipped to handle something if it comes at the wrong time. We are part of a bigger picture and living in a world of energy. We have to interact with that energy and become in phase with it. Things will begin to happen then. 

Being patient is one of those, know when to pick your moments and when to take advantage of them. They will come and they will present themselves to you. You just have to be in tune and recognize them. That is being in that energy groove and watching for it to come. Somethings you cannot control and you will have to put it out there in the energy field and see what happens. Analyze your results and make changes to see what occurs next.

Patience, ahh what a virtue to have. When things are not going your way, you are failing at what you are trying to achieve, but you have to keep going, don't give up, don't walk away from it. Persevere, be PATIENT! It will come, just keep working on different approaches. Different tactics or however you would like to call it. But keep calm and stay in control. It really helps to write it down and to anaylze it. Patience teaches you control, knowing your own tendencies and how to handle these better.

He, verily, shall increase the reward of them that endure with patience. - Baha'u'llah

Tell me what your techniques are for handling patience. What do you do to stay focused?